Yukon Arctic Ultra Marathon - Spendenlauf 2015

“Projekt Schmetterling” provides psychological support to cancer patients

“Projekt Schmetterling” is a non-profit organization that provides psychological support to cancer patients and their families in the greater Frankfurt, Germany area.

The burden of cancer continues to grow in most countries with an increasing number of new cases and deaths each year. A significant proportion of cancer patients at all stages of the disease suffer social, emotional and psychological distress as a result of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Psychooncological interventions have proven efficacious for helping patients and families confront the many issues that arise during this difficult time. Projekt Schmetterling’s humanitarian endeavor is to – as soon as possible – work with the patients and their family members to maintain a more balanced attitude and learn coping skills to keep the family together during this crisis. Through the support of volunteers and membership fees of the organization all donations to Projekt Schmetterling go 100 % into financing psychooncologial support for patients and families.

Jörn Theissig, a senior federal police officer in Germany runs the Yukon Arctic Ultra Marathon in the Yukon territory in Northern Canada starting on February 8, 2015. This marathon is considered the most grueling and coldest human run in the world. Jörn Theissig will try to complete the 430 Mile non-stop race in less than 13 days.

Courage, endurance and willpower are required to accomplish this objective – the same strengths cancer patients need to get through their disease. With his participation at the Ultra Marathon Jörn Theissig wants to point out the need and importance of Psychooncology and raise donations to finance psychological treatment of cancer patients and families in Germany.

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